Bad Company? Or “Bad Company”?


 Sometimes there are things that just make you smile. Even though the URL has been
around for so long we can’t remember when it was announced thanks to another website
that has changed. First to the site URL.

No comment from us but in general it’s a funny URL. Especially considering EA is
thought of just like The Empire in Star Wars or the Microsoft of the games publishers.
The final point of irony is how EA has just announced an extension to its Take-Two
buyout offer. This is after taking out a $1 Billion Dollar loan to cover it if indeed it does
go through.

What does this mean for you? Just take a look at the URL to find information on the
June release title Battlefield: Bad Company. For those who don’t know Bad Company
is the next console only game in the Battlefield franchise originally on the PC only
and yet it’s turned console only for the next version bar the comedy Battlefield: Heroes
online only game with just two maps.

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