The Dark Knight’s Two-Face revealed, looks truly OMFGWTF

Harvey Dent

It seems that The Dark Knight and awesomeness go hand-in-hand. After the devastatingly awesome trailer that came on earlier this week, we now have a secretly leaked image of Two-Face, the movie’s second villain, after of course, The Joker.

While The Joker has been the movie’s poster boy, poor old Two-Face has gotten hardly any attention other than as Harvey Dent the politician. But don’t underestimate him. If ye be not afraid of spoilers, hit the jump to find out what Two-Face truly looks like in the film.

You will be amazed. ***THE DARK KNIGHT SPOILERS BELOW***


I, for one, bow down before our new and truly awesome-looking Two-Face. It’s a nice (and somewhat more realistic) departure from the old animated series’ blue-fish-like-weird-ass Two-Face.

According to rumour, Harvey supposedly gets acid thrown on his face by a crime boss during court. Since that shouldn’t affect him mentally, we wonder where the story will go with this. Two-Face has always been an on-off sort of villain, helping out Batman at times and going against him at others.

We should most likely expect a three-way fight between him, The Joker and Batman then. Holy hell this is going to be awesome.

Check out a scene from The Dark Knight below.

8 thoughts on “The Dark Knight’s Two-Face revealed, looks truly OMFGWTF”

  1. god damn…he looks severely BARBECUED! and with those deep cuts and burns, the character must seriously be in a lot of pain…I mean a whole hell of a lot of pain. now he’s definitely got something to be totally pissed and mentally unstable about. oh, and of course, I most certainly do love this reincarnation of Two-Face. make-up and CGI guys did an excellent job.

  2. holy crap this is like the nuber 1 ultimate movie of the century o wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo 😯 😎 ➡ ultimate villainS to 😈

  3. Im not really sure if I like this two face………it looks better then the last one, yes but, it looks almost impossible to be able to withstand and live with all of that ugly and pain. Its like he just looks a little too fried. He looks more like a Hellraiser character if you ask me.

  4. 😯 idont get it tha t pic is not 2face god pplget a grip just wait till the film comes out

  5. yes it is two faced ……..he gets burnt in a bomb explosion set up by joker and his wife to be dies in a simular explosion whilst he is tlkin to her…..he get s seriously pissed off and then joker tellls him it was the polices fault……TADA …..have fun i know it sounds like ive given away whole film but seriously no i havent …….

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