New Prince of Persia coming, possibly titled ‘Prodigy’

Prince of Persia Concept Art

Rejoice, action-adventure fans! Ubisoft has released a press release saying that a new Prince of Persia game is in the works and will be ready by this year’s Holiday season, i.e. Holiday season 2008!

Ubisoft has also teased us with some more details, for which you’ll have to hit the jump. It’ll be worth it. 😉

Ubisoft looks pretty excited on this one, as this version of PoP goes further from the “Sands of Time” trilogy, as Ubisoft has termed it. Ubisoft promises a new “illustrative” art style, which I look forward to. Also announced is that it will feature a “new breed” of action-adventure gameplay, poised to change the way you play action-adventure games!

The new PoP (currently untitled) will be developed by none other than Ubisoft’s famed Montreal studio, makers of Assassin’s Creed, which is probably why the bar has been raised, considering that before AC, PoP was pretty much gamers’ fix for Medieval Middle-Eastern swashbuckling.

While Ubisoft has not announced it officially, GamersGlobal tells us that Ubisoft has applied for the trademark for Prince of Persia: Prodigy. Not a bad title, that. Ubisoft has even made a domain for the game at, but very predictable, there’s nothing on it yet. It’s giving me a ‘Server not found’ right now, but leads us to a mysterious placeholder site. Hmm.

And lastly, for the first time, Prince of Persia will arrive on next-generation consoles – PS3 and Xbox 360, alongside the PC, of course. Sorry, Nintendo lovers. 😉

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