GTA4 – All leaks, all the time!


No matter how big something is it can always be leaked onto the net.
It happened for Star Wars Episode 3 and now its happened with the PAL
and then NTSC versions of Grand Theft Auto 4.The game has now been spotted on torrent download websites although
it has not been confirmed if the files are legitimate. This while a cause for
concern for any game maker does not make a large issue for Rockstar the
makers of GTA. Since the game is a console release in theory a modified
xbox would be required to play the downloaded game and since that
means a DIY console for most people it’s not something you would
find in the local hardware store for a buck fifty.

As a legal reminder downloading GTA4 is bad. It will get you quick
enjoyment but banned on XBL and you will sleep badly knowing
you cheated people out of hard earned money. Remember that.

It is also worth mentioning that the previous GTA title San Andreas
also became leaked prior to its release date back in the day.
After talking to SWL (24th April) currently Rockstar has no comment
on the leak.

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