id Tech 5 Engine almost ready

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id, one of the gaming industry’s legends has been top-secretly working on id Tech 5, their next-generation game engine that will succeed the Doom 3-Quake 4 era. Nobody knows much about it, but knowing id, it will not disappoint.

Kevin Cloud, lead artist at id talked about Tech 5’s progress and what’s so special about it not very long ago. Hit the jump to find out what!

Talking to Shacknews, he said that the engine is almost ready. The SDKs are pretty much done and id is preparing the engine to show off licensors (which will obviously be their more profitable market, not games directly).

Cloud says that cross-platform performance is great.

“Right now we’ve got it running cross-platform running 60 hertz, and it looks really good.”

As for how the engine looks, Cloud commented:

In terms of what artists are available to achieve–it’s something you have to see for yourself. I can say this but you still won’t get it until you see it.

Because of the universal texturing everything in the world can be uniquely textured, and it’s a look you just can’t get in any other game. Once you see it you go “shit, I have not seen that anywhere else.” We’re really proud of what we’ve put together there.

Sounds promising. id is currently working on Rage, a post-apocalyptic shooter that will utilize id Tech 5 and pretty much show off its capabilities. It looks like after Crysis, out next big graphics benchmark will be id’s Rage!

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