Trash talk making gaming dull?

Talking while killing a noob. It used to be something that could only be done by taking time out while waiting to respawn in FPS but now with voice communication a standard feature in most online console first person shooters should what we say be considered more carefully?

 While it’s good to have a competitive environment in some cases it does take down the enjoyment of a game. Long ago (the 90’s) people used to go online to play checkers and have a chat while doing it. Things were good and all people came out happy. Now there are idiots ruining games for all of us. They can do it will constant swearing where none is needed or just spam texts during games taking up half the screen in copy+pasted nonsense.

There are some types of games where people can get together to talk and chat again although finding any with decent graphics takes some time. Perhaps simulation titles with MMO sections are the only way to go in the future for a nice conversation. If you dont want some moron talking trash while you play that game of C&C.

Talking while playing is a long lost art. Lets hope a revival comes around soon and its back in fashion.

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