Dark Knight virals, spoil the movie?


There used to be a time when a synopsis for a movie was considered a spoiler but in recent times everything up to and including the script is online before the movies come out. Take the Oliver Stone George Bush movie W for example. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

After the IMDB leak of the ending to The Dark Knight and the incredible number of viral websites dealing with fictional character Harvey Dent one has to wonder just how much is being revealed from the movie’s plot and scenes. From the way things are being put together a recent audio stream from the Dent website listed him as being in a hostage situation. Could this mean that takes place in the movie? If so with the huge amount of detail put into the websites listing specifics about events could you almost argue that the viral campaign websites are the book version of the movie?

There are a number of other items that while making the casual net user stand up and take notice could also spoil the movie. The biggest ever movie spoiler was Star Wars Episode 3: The Game released before the movie but with the ever increasing number of viral sites for The Dark Knight one has to wonder if its record will be broken. All this after only a single real trailer with film footage.

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