Blu-ray price will stay high long into the future


In short according to the makers of OEM Blu-ray drives for PC’s and other computers while the price of some components are falling other are increasing. This goes against the usual expectation that with the technology getting older and becoming surpassed that the price would fall to a more home user friendly level.

What this means for you is somewhat complicated. While you will be unable to burn films or files to Blu-ray for the time being for the average user burning to Blu-ray while the drives are rare for PC means even if you buy one you won’t find another machine to use the disc on. It will be like when CD-ROM drives first arrived on the scene and people were trying to figure out how do I put my floppy in that? For now there are not many applications for Blu-ray discs bar the obvious opportunities for film pirates wanting to start making money from Blu-ray copies.

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