Epic Unreal now on Valve’s Steam

CliffyB on Steam

While the headline may sound like slang for some dope, we can assure you that no such thing is solicited here at StuffWeLike. Actually, by the headline we refer to Epic Games, the makers of the legendary Unreal series and Gears of War, who have now collaborated with Valve to release their games via Steam.

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Epic has made available every Unreal game released to date on Steam, right from the original Unreal, through Unreal II to Unreal Tournament III (which managed 1 million copies recently). If you’re feeling spiffy, you can spend $59.95 for the “Unreal Deal Pack” that offers all of Epic’s games (not GoW, though).

What then followed was some customary cheek-kissing as Epic applauds Valve’s Steam distribution system and Valve applauds Epic’s games.

I personally think that Epic would do this to help with their miserable sales of Unreal Tournament III in the first few months. Then again, Epic might just want to jump onto the Steam bandwagon considering its surge in popularity in the past few months.

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