New Star Wars movie on August 15th, no really!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

If you thought that the Star Wars line of movies died in 2005, leaving the franchise with games, books and other media – think again. Lucas will be kicking off the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series with a full-fledged theater movie – yes the big sort. It’s titled Star Wars: The Clone Wars and will be an animation feature, much in the vein of the TV series.

To learn more, hit the jump for this one!

North American theaters will have the feature film on August 15th, with international dates not set currently. The series will be aired for 30 minutes per episode, with 30 episodes done already. And yes, both the movie and series will be in the cartoonish-3D form you see in the shot above.

Being able to catch a Star Wars movie on the big screen fills me glee. Let me go and express the joy now, while you check out the official press release at the Star Wars website.

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