Why are there no modern submarine games?


I think you will find its a valid question. We have no shortage of quality submarine games like the Silent Hunter series set in WW2. However there has not been a single modern day submarine title since the 90’s. With the market so heavily occupied by first person shooters and flight simulators why is this one type of game lacking?

The firepower of the submarines is superior to those in WW2 titles. Plus you have the bonus of that cool effect when the subs come out of the water. Then there are the possibilities for mission types with things like having to meet with helicopter’s to transport spies to a destination.

Then there are the bonuses for the company who makes it. You don’t have any competition and sim fans would eat it up. If there are any games developers out there its worth some thought.

3 thoughts on “Why are there no modern submarine games?”

  1. I found it kind of funny that I would stumble across this site and see your idea about a more modern sub game lol… only because I’m writing a paper about this very thing. and the requirement for the last 20-10% of the paper must address that very same question to some degree. I’m a Video Game Design student at Brown College in St. Paul MN and our current project is to develop a tabletop submarine warfare game. Small world lol

  2. theres a modern sub game, it would be the equivalent to Silent hunter 5-hunt for red oktober…with modern subs, and their nuclear power house, and if your settings are on high and you have at least 1gig from SLi then u can go critical and and watch your sub go nuclear…your suicide points go way up, but if u tease the ai and trick them into following a decoy u can get them in a circle and kill them as well.

    its now in munich, in some stores, dev. there..in the states..mayb…i mean MAYB in fall of 2010

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