Cloverfield 2 is ON, Matt Reeves Directing!

Matt Reeves
Cloverfield was a fantastic movie and it did pretty well, too. Off its miniature $25 Million budget, it managed to get back $66 Million. This meant that, according to standard Pop Culture Rules, a sequel is imminent. Matt Reeves has confirmed that he abides the Rules, ’cause he has started work on Cloverfield’s sequel!

Matt is currently in talks with Paramount about Cloverfield 2, according to – but hell, it’s official! Hit the jump to find out more about this!

Reeves will also be working on a project called ‘The Invisible Woman’, whose story involves a beauty queen who turns to a life of crime under necessity. It will supposedly have this very original character, but that’s Hollywood speaking. The Invisible Woman will be released after Cloverfield 2.

That pitts Cloverfield 2 as somewhat near, provided that Paramount sets everything up right, with Producer J.J. Abrams and Drew Goddard on writing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the release date ends up being 1-18-2009, personally. Then again, it might just come out for a Christmas release, but that’s too early.

No details are available on Cloverfield 2 as of now. That gives us all the space in the world to speculate! What do you think of this? What will Cloverfield 2 be like? Where will it be set?

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