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Yes the Facebook Gods have finally heard and responded to our cries! You can now officially block applications that you don’t want to use or ever hear about again! Of course you’d never block StuffWeLike’s The Pipeline player app…

So next time that you receive 50 invitations to Zombie Infestation, you can click on the application link and block it.

In addition to that you can now review applications – write up something and rate it out of 5 stars – and become a fan of the application. These metrics will definitely become important for the future of the Facebook Applications section. The higher and more frequent ratings mixed in with high usage will lead to better coverage a possible best of Facebook Apps section.

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2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Facebook Apps”

  1. Yes, finally!

    I especially cringe when I repeatedly get requests for the “good cause” applications. Makes me feel the same way as when those good causes call you at home, and you’re like, “It’s not that I don’t support you. I just don’t want you calling me at home.” Over and over and over…

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