Shoot Em Up (Region 2) DVD Review


 Shoot Em Up has bystander Clive Owen interrupt in a murder saving a pregnant woman’s child. What happens is a shoot more, think less movie with constant strong gunplay from the first scene to the last. Taking along old associate Monica Bellucci Owen takes on main hired bad guy Paul Giamatti and his endless stream of henchmen. There are some funny scenes like his having to order more men over the phone. Its just like he was ordering a pizza. When the film is over there is no doubt that Giamatti steals the show.

If you are looking for a deep movie with a lot of emotional content for those actors wanting Oscars this is not it. Forget the loose storyline and all you have is 75 minutes of gunplay where your mind must be firmly switched off. Lets face it that’s not a bad thing. You do end up feeling though that the movie is more a one watch rental and not a purchase though.

DVD extras are deleted/alternate Scenes, commentary by Writer/Director Michael Davies, Ballet of bullets: Making Shoot ‘Em Up, animatics and a theatrical trailer.

Verdict: –

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