Smurfs: The Movie; We’re Serious

The Smurfs Village
Smurfs. Invented in 1958, these creatures have been one of pop culture’s more popular franchises. With their blue skin and classic song, they have conquered the world. And now, in Anno 2008, they will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their existence! One of the biggest highlights of this events is a movie deal that will cause Hollywood to topple over. We’re talking a computer-animated 3D movie here. The horror!Also expect an invasion of female characters (not literally, of course – this isn’t Xena). Hendrik Coysman justifies this in that The Smurfs have always adapted to the current era and theme, and since the 80s, you’ve had women in more positions of power and freedom. The Smurfs will now reflect that!

Other stuff you should expect during these demonic 50th anniversary celebrations: new comic adventures, statuettes, an exhibition at Brussels’ cartoon museum and a set of commemorative stamps.

Oh Gawd.

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