2008 Better Than 2007?

So, another year has gone by and yet another holiday season full of awesome games has passed us by. Usually right about now I’m still playing all of the games that I bought over the past two months and I think to myself, there’s no way that next year can be any better than this one. This holiday was no different from the others in that aspect except for the fact that I actually think that it’s true.

How can next year possibly be any better than this past year? With AAA titles like Halo 3, Bioshock, Super Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box, Rock Band, Mass Effect, yadda yadda yadda. The list goes on and on. Hopefully I’m wrong in that next year will be better than this one and the continuing trend of games becoming more sophisticated and more polished continues as more and more people pick up video games every year.

Developers will definitely have their work cut out for them this year. Hopefully they’ve got something up their sleeves.

One thought on “2008 Better Than 2007?”

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