Email Sucks

Ever go on a vacation and didn’t have a laptop, Blackberry, or any other device that you could read your email with? I thought it would be fun to go on vacation and escape it all. Little did I know that there would be a massive uncontrollable build up.  400 emails later, I began to write this post without a doubt that email is obsolete and inefficient.

I’ve stored thousands of emails all tucked away in folders and many, many sub-folders. Years later, I’ve come to realize, what’s the point?! Why do I store this information and forget about it?

Email is impersonal. Social networking websites have taken over and writing on someone’s wall is now more important that sending out forwards with hundreds of contacts. See their face, quickly respond, and forget the whole thing ever happened.

It’s great not having to pick out spam and delete pointless messages with social networking sites. I’ve just spent hours going through all of these emails. Random messages, some important while others not so much.

Reality has now come back to bite me in the ass.


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