Gerard Butler is Sabretooth in Wolverine? This is madness!

Gerard Butler in 300

Rumours are flying all around the internets lately, but one that I found particularly interesting is this one. CHUD reports that a source they very highly trust is confirming that Gerard Butler will act in the upcoming Wolverine as Sabretooth. For those not in the know, Sabretooth is Wolverine’s greatest arch-nemesis and can roar magnificently. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think that Butler is great at roaring (especially if the roar has the word ‘Sparta’ in it).

Karl Urban was supposed to be Sabretooth in the movie earlier, but has reportedly dropped out. The frantic production crew set up a meeting with a conversation that must have gone like:

“Okay, we need a Sabretooth. Karl’s out.”

“Arnold Schwarzenneger!”

“Uh no, Sabretooth can speak right.”

(thinking, aided with burgers)

“Gerard Butler! He was in 300, we’ll get more people to watch it just for that! Plus, he’s masculine and a gay idol!”

“Hell yeah! Tonight, we dine in hell!”

(silence for a few seconds)


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