CSI Miami Season 4 Part 1 (Region 2) DVD Review


The DVD of the first half of the fourth season provides more questions than answers. CSI Miami stars David Caruso as the lead of a group of crime scene investigators. Season 4 Part 1 entertains using a large number of insulated storylines such as Urban Hellraisers about a group of university students who after playing a GTA style game decide to try scenes from the game for real. Even though anyone who has played a game will feel like shouting at the screen at some of the holes in the games design it’s a good episode.

There are also a few elements that develop into later stories and a few big ones on the three discs that are very interesting. What is a surprise is that there are no real bad episodes in this set. You should expect one or two but in this case it’s hard to find one that could really be considered a bad episode. One storyline has one of the CSI’s receive a nail in the head from nail gun and is about figuring out how it happened from the viewer’s perspective. It’s an episode shown from finish to start so you are just waiting for it to happen in a sort of perverse pleasure. DVD extras include a number of episode commentaries but none by David Caruso which is a shame. 

Verdict: +

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  1. hola como esta bueno me yamo esteban cuj soy fans de david caruso la verdad me gustaria ser policia o agente para combatir el mal soy mexicano pero por ahora quiero ser cantante muy pronto bueno eso espero ok bye

  2. solo quiero sr cantante pero estoy en la ciudad de cancun quintana roo por ahora vere como ser creo que subire musica mias bueno interpretando a otros es todos

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