Massive BSODs sighted in Toronto, apprehension grows

Toronto Blue Screen of Death
Click on image for link to larger image, if you haven’t guessed yet.

Software glitch my ass. I’ve (like many others of my kind) have known that Blue Screens of Death are tangible, electronic aliens that will one day enslave humanity, and Microsoft is just a front for them. And yes, Bill Gates is actually green and has five tentacles and sucks brains out. Ballmer is of the same race.

Their crusade against humanity was fairly veiled until now, but it appears that they are willing to declare full-fledged war. As you can see in the image above, Blue Screens of Death have invaded Toronto, terrorizing the populace and causing global fear. According to news sources, these have lasted for days. Civilians have been advised NOT to negotiate or communicate with these aliens, as they could be heavily armed. Pray for the people of Toronto, and report your nearest BSOD to the local authorities.

Remember, humanity’s future may lie in your hands.

[Via Gizmodo]

One thought on “Massive BSODs sighted in Toronto, apprehension grows”

  1. I’m so glad that I haven’t seen a Blue Screen of death in years. Oh wait that’s a lie, my 6 year old computer finally died over the summer. That was a sad day. Then I got a kick ass Gateway and all things were back to normal.

    I don’t think you can replace buildings as easily as computers.

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