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Atari is a company that pisses me off sometimes. It’s pathetic that they can’t get themselves straightened up and solve their financial issues.

When I began writing this post, I originally wrote it as if Atari should be saved. Go buy their games, buy their stock – we need Atari. But honestly, do we Atari? What has Atari recently contributed to the video game industry other than its brand name?

Sure Atari was THE game development studio back in the 70s/80s but they’ve lost their monopoly on the industry years ago for the same reason that they’re losing it today: they simply don’t understand what gamers want anymore.

Looking at Atari’s future lineup, there’s only one game that I want and the release date is still listed as To Be Determined! If you can’t guess the game I’m talking about it’s Alone in the Dark 4. It is possible that this single title could save Atari from its doomsday, but the likelihood of that is slim. If Alone in the Dark 4 isn’t scary enough and isn’t entertaining enough (aka PERFECT AAA TITLE) Atari will die. What is even more said is that Atari’s actually more likely to go bankrupt before the game is ever released.

Atari is a company that grew into a brand which will always live on in the game world. It’s an example of why you should never put all your eggs in one basket – I’m looking at you Dragon Ball Z. It’s probably better to let Atari become a figment of gamer’s imaginations than a on-going embarrassment to the video game industry.


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  1. Remember, the current Atari is not the same thing as the old one. Atari did ‘die’ a long time ago. The current Atari is just Infogrames, which bought the brand and changed its name.

  2. I was about to post the same thing that gamer did. Atari is only Atari in name, but hey, it looks like that name carries a curse of some sort.

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