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Finally after 10,000 years it’s time to conquer EARTH!

or the internet


If you have ever had issues using StuffWeLike’s player, The Pipeline – you’re not alone! One of the biggest complaints we get is:

“Dear Mr. StuffWeLike aka David Rodriguez,

Your player has poor playback speeds. It takes forever to load. I HATE YOU?!

PS – The buttons and text on the player are too small to read.”

Freight no more watchers! The Pipeline now expands the HUD (a term that gamer’s should all know = Heads Up Display). The buttons are now buttonier and the text is now easier on the eyes. If you don’t believe us, test it for yourself by using the player below. Click on the full screen button and then resize your browser to any size you want. The HUD will act accordingly!

Don’t forget to keep the complaints coming!

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