Microsoft Buys Facebook

Microsoft Buys Facebook

What if you could merge two companies, one that is seen to some as evil – the other one that is seen as a breath of fresh air…

In the coming months, we’ll find out the answer to that question as Microsoft invested $240 million into today. Facebook is being valued at $15 billion dollars! If ever receives that kind of estimate, I’d shit in my pants and eat it. (don’t quote me on that)

All the fine details have yet to be made public, but what is known is that Microsoft will be controlling the ad content shown on Facebook. Bottom line is, be prepared to see Microsoft only products – no iPhones, iPods, and other crap.

If you really want to read more details on this amazing twist of events, click here. But I’ll warn you that I’ve said the most juicy details in this post. So if you could careless, resume your life watching Prank David videos.

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