Weekly Games: 10/14

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Cover

Ok, so where I live it’s still officially 10/13. Who cares?! It’s a week in games, meaning someone’s gotta tell you all what you’re missing while you play Orange Box’s Portal or Team Fortress 2.


  • Tony Hawks Proving Grounds (10/18): In case Skate wasn’t good enough for you and you need something to cling on to for the weekend. Because apparently Everyday Shooter ain’t good enough fer ye.


  • Thrillville: Off the Rails (10/15): Ever have the need to build amusement parks on the go?
  • Swat: Target Liberty (10/18): So, liberty’s the target, eh? Well, good luck shooting her with a missile.
  • Spiderman 3 (10/18): Amazingly late, we thought this one was all but forgotten. Silly us. Activision doesn’t leave a man behind. Ever.


  • Thrillville: Off the Rails (10/15): Same as above, but from the comfort of your own home. Like a real architect would.
  • Beautiful Katamari (10/17): Rolling your way, this nonsensical puzzle make-everything-part-of-you game is fun…for whoever likes that weird stuff.
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (10/18): In the event you have a PS3 but remembered that achievements are meaningful in your life.


  • Thrillville: Off the Rails (10/15): Hey, why bother taking it with you or using a standard controller. Use the damned wiimote like everyone else!
  • Rockstar Presents Table Tennis (10/17): Finally, the 360 exclusive gets put on the console it was really intended for. That is, if it plays well.
  • Spyro: The Eternal Night (10/17): Say hello to fire breathing dragons and goodbye to…wait, nothing really.
  • Victorious Boxers: Revolution (10/18): Wii Sports, eat your heart out. This boxing game will give you a real workout. And when you throw an uppercut, it’ll work.
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds (10/18): Well, at least it’s not on the PSP.
  • Ultimate Duck Hunting (10/18): This must be the greatest game of all time. I mean, it has the word “ultimate” in it. That makes it magical.
  • Avatar: The Burning Earth (10/18): It’s a damn good thing you play as the Avatar, so you can blow those bad fires away and make sure the Earth doesn’t get too roasted. It doesn’t taste good burnt.
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (10/18): As if the long and pointless name wasn’t good enough, it’s probably a fighting game with 2d graphics. ’nuff said.
  • Mercury: Meltdown Revolution (10/19): Three words that would never go together, put together, and still have no meaning.
  • Ultimate Board Game Collection (10/19): Can’t get any more straight forward than that. Because hey, you can’t play all these games on Yahoo! games. Or can you?

Nintendo DS

  • Thrillville: Off the Rails (10/15): This would complete the demonic circle of game consoles, but the PS3 was spared of it’s pity. Well played Lucasarts.
  • Cheetah Girls: Pop Star Sensation (10/15): Ahh, to be young, fit, attractive, and a cheetah girl once again.
  • Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (10/17): Yes, staring at a small 2 inch screen that’s 2 feet from your face is a great way to improve your vision.
  • Bee Game (10/17): Not to be confused with the Bee Movie Game, this is like Catz. Not NintenCats, but close.
  • Prism: Light the Way (10/18): There is no way to be more inspirational then lighting the way.
  • Avatar: The Burning Earth (10/18): This Nintendo exclusive is for you people (all 5 of you) without a Wii, yet with a DS.
  • Pet Wild Animals: Dolphinz (10/18): Oh, for sure. Add a Z to the end of a word where an S should be and now it’s cool. Why didn’t anyone see this earlier?!
  • Fish Tycoon (10/18): Imagine, the best way to spend time while sitting in a car or train or plane, is to deal with virtual fish. Peachy. MAN THE HARPOON!
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (10/18): That’s right, someone had to do it. Be on every system. There’s always one, and this bad boy did it. Congrats to insanity.
  • Mahjong Quest (10/18): The board games may stay at home, but if I had to take one with me, it would definitely be Mahjong. If I knew how to play.


  • Thrillville: Off the Rails (10/15): blah blah blah…
  • Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds (10/18): …blah blah blah…
  • Avatar: The Burning Earth (10/18): …blah blah blah…

Seems like that’s it for now. Stay tuned next week when we bring you more of those outrageous bloopers!

Oh, and don’t forget that there will be a ton of demos coming around, hopefully, from E for All. We may be a bit slow on updating with all that, so keep checking your local PSN/XBL provider!

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