Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo coming in 2 weeks, are you ready?

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If there is one possible thing UT fans love more than UT itself, it has to be a UT demo. UT2004’s demo, once released, became one of the most downloaded demos of all time. Even after the full release, a thick percentage of gaming servers were demo-based and the demo’s famed ONS-Torlan map became one of the most popular maps of all time, beating the original’s DM-Deck16.

Well, it’s all going to start again, because Epic’s Mark Rein has just announced that UT3’s “beta” demo will be striking the internet with a vengeance in two weeks’ time. The demo will include a Singleplayer instant action, and of course, multiplayer. Rein says that it should most likely be available this very week itself, but two weeks is just a safe number. Three is even safer – I wonder why he didn’t pick it?

One reason it’s being called the “beta” version could be because it’s the “in” thing right now, like the Gmail “beta” and the 4 dozen different Web 2.0 sites you use that are in “beta”. But Rein makes it clear that the reason of the beta demo is to test UT3 on every hardware configuration possible. What does this mean? Forget your specifications and download the demo when it comes out, run it and tell Epic how it slapped you and laughed at your low-ass PC.

Epic also announced UT3’s system requirements some weeks ago. See if your system is hip enough:

Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
512 Mbytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ Video Card
8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

Recommended System Requirements
2.4+ GHZ Dual Core Processor
1 GBytes of System RAM
NVIDIA 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+ Video Card
8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

Also, FreakyGaming reports that the “minimum specs” given are “minimum specs for high in game detail” as compared to the bare minimum specs required to run the game (and possibly play reasonably at ultra-low graphics). Regardless, it’s best that you download the beta demo and see for yourself!

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