Lucas: Indy 4 will be as good as Indy 1 (“Phantom Menace” fears heightened)

George Lucas!

VH1 managed to get close to George Lucas, who decided to spill some beans about his upcoming movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Now, expectations for this movie are big, not only because Indiana Jones is returning after a long hiatus, but because fans saw what happens to a successful franchise when it is “continued” some 20 years later. Yeah, Jar Jar Binks happens.

Like before, Indy will be chasing an important historical/legendary artifact – which, if you haven’t guessed already, will be the Crystal Skull this time around. Lucas promises that crystal skulls are mighty powerful, more so than the puny Sankara Stones or the Holy Grail (pfft, who wants immortality?). “I think this is actually better, it’s up there with the Ark of the Covenant.” says Lucas. We sure hope so.

The crystal skulls are an actually existing phenomena, however. Unlike the Ark of the Covenant, though – the Crystal skulls have been ascribed all sorts of powers (including the overthrow of Microsoft), but which one will make it to the film?

“There’s several different kinds of skulls, several different kinds of theories, several myths that are surrounding them,” Lucas said, clearly delighted by his secret knowledge. “So, you just have to put all the pieces together, look it up and figure out which one it is. Or just wait until the movie comes out, which is so much easier.”

Now, getting from the movie’s content, will go to the movie itself. It’s shaping up for a release on May 22nd next year and damn, is that a classic Lucasfilms date! The movie is tonally most similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark, and will be just as good, if Lucas is to be trusted. Let’s hope he is. And for God’s sake, let’s hope Jar Jar Binks isn’t in it.


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