Gears of War movie following Halo movie into nothingness?

Marcus from Gears of War

Not long ago, we learnt that CliffyB was ecstatic about the upcoming Gears of War movie, supposedly under production at New Line Cinema. Well, he was talking rather furiously about it, but looks like even a gaming god can’t help a movie when budget strikes back. The much-talked about Halo movie was probably the first “AAA” video game movie to fall into the bottomless pit of doom. Is Gears of War hurtling towards the same?

Len Wiseman was initially supposed to direct the Gears of War movie, but reports some startling news. Wiseman has decided to get his butt out of the Escape from New York remake he was to direct, and is still attached to the Gears of War movie. But things aren’t as smooth as they seem. Even with a director attached, New Line is concerned about the “ballooning” budget of the film, that Cliffy had boasted about earlier.

“Len Wiseman is still on the project currently, but it doesn’t look good, due to the budget concerns the studio has, New Line will most likely not be moving forward on this film.”

Hot damn, the certainty in those words is a point worth noted. Will Gears of War followed the much-compared-to Halo movie and slip into Development Hell? We can only hope it doesn’t (or can we?).

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