Save TV’s, get free stuff; thanks Nintendo!

Wii Remote Jacket

The original wrist straps weren’t enough. They snapped when people playing tennis swung as hard as they could. Things were broken. Pain of the mind and wallet ensued.

Nintendo gave us all free wrist straps that had a stronger noose attaching it to the Wii so those amazingly powerful human beings attempted to use heavy, shocking motion instead of light gestures. The extra thickness of the noose was good enough.

Not good enough for Nintendo though. In an effort to spend some of their unlimited funds, they are giving away another way to help protect ourselves from those careless individuals who refuse to put those wrist straps on yet are too weak to really do too much damage on their own.

The orders go out today, but their store is down at the moment, so get some post its and cover half your monitor with them so you don’t forget to do it today. They’ll ship out on the 15th.

Free Wii Remote Jacket 

4 thoughts on “Save TV’s, get free stuff; thanks Nintendo!”

  1. This is great… but when I tried to confirm my order, I got a cool 404 message. Yay?

    Still, it’s nice for Nintendo to send these sleeves out. I prefer to keep mine sans sleeve, but to each their own.

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