Rock Band = $169.99

Rock Band

EA’s upcoming Rock Band game will cost a whopping $169.99 for the Xbox 360/PS3 versions and $159.99 for the PS2 version. You might be asking yourself why would you want to pay that much for one game, well you’re paying for a ton of accessories to actually play the game. All the packages will include the game, the drum kit, one guitar, and one microphone.

Besides the graphical difference between the Xbox 360/PS3 version compared to the PS2, the PS2 version is coming out later on December 10, 2007 while the Xbox 360/PS3 versions are coming out November 26, 2007. The PS2/PS3 versions will feature wireless controllers, while the Xbox 360 will be wired. EA might have to release some USB device to create 4 ports.

Considering that Guitar Hero III will cost $90-100, Rock Band’s price doesn’t look that bad for the amount of devices that the player receives. Since the accessories were probably made in China, hopefully they won’t feature lead paint.

[Source: MTV Multiplayer]

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