Terminator 4 may hit 2009 release, will face heavy competition if true.


As some of you may know, The Halcyon Company bought the rights to the Terminator franchise last year, making them lord of machines and eventually, a Terminator 4 was announced. What’s more, 4 will be part of an entirely new trilogy of Terminator movies, sans Arnold. 🙁

We’ve got some fresh news that the movie will be geared for a 2009 release. While it’s good to know that the movie is still serious, what is really making me jump is that 2009 will end up being one hell of a year. As we brought you news, Transformers 2 is coming out then, as is the film adaptation of Watchmen (which is being made by the 300 crew)! And there have to be even more awesome movies coming out then that I do not know or remember right now!

No title has been supplied yet, though it has been confirmed that it won’t be called “Terminator 4”. There will be subtitle after the Terminator label. Now, you just needed to know that, didn’t you? We’ll see how the movie shapes out to be, though I sense a dark, dark future without the awesomeness of Ahnold.

[Via FirstShowing.net]

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