Ninja Gaiden 2 – the teaser, the screenshots, the announcement.

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This whole saga starts yesterday, when several gaming sites got their filthy hands on screenshots of Ninja Gaiden 2, which was reportedly on the Xbox Japan website before it disappeared. Apparently, someone at Redmond Japan had screwed up the site, because the big anouncement was supposed to happen at the pre-Tokyo Game Show Presser. You can find the concerned screenshots at the bottom.

At the top, you can see the teaser of the game, which was shown off at the Presser. It shows the game’s protagonist, with chic graphics and stuff, but it’s just a godforsaken teaser. The screenshots, on the other hand, are full of blood, gore, decapitations and other ninja-ness.

What will it feature? A brand new engine and a “finishing blows” system have been guaranteed. There will be a sort of health regeneration feature with “semi-permanent damage restored at save points”, whatever that means. You will fight as Ryu again in Ninja Gaiden 2 for a good 30 or so hours of story-mode gameplay. Ninja Gaiden will be Xbox 360 exclusive and will come out somewhere in 2008.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 1 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 2 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 3 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 4 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 5 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 6 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 7 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 8 Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshot 9

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