Leak of the Day 2: AO Manhunt 2 leaked onto BitTorrent sites

Manhunt 2 screenshot

Manhunt 2 became the next game after GTA: San Andreas to hit mainstream news because of its “Adult-Only” labeling and subsequent banning in several countries. Now, Rockstar has a reputation of such things, but it didn’t want any more. It immediately announced that Manhunt 2 will be revised and toned down to get a Mature rating.

But before Rockstar could say “Don’t ban us”, their Adult-Only version of Manhunt 2 hit the internets. Now all hell has broken loose on BitTorrent sites, as that’s where the (supposedly)secret AO version of Manhunt 2 is. Again, details on who made the leak and what Rockstar is going to do them, as well as whether they will use torture or just mutilation on them is unknown.

According to “Team Slonik”, who got the game onto the Internet, the game is a beta, and so you shouldn’t be complaining. But if you prefer a more complete (and cleaner) game of Manhunt 2, wait for the official release on October 31st, for the Wii, PS2 and PSP consoles.

[Via ars technica]

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