This is the woman who sabotaged your fantasy of finishing Halo 3 first.

Francesca Reyes

Admit it, you’ve probably dreamed of playing a video game before anyone else does in the whole world. Of finishing the game before anyone has laid their eyes on it. Perhaps it was Halo 3 in your fantasy – Microsoft’s massively-promoted shooter for the Xbox 360. Well, you certainly won’t be a little envious of the woman in the photo above.

That’s Francesca Reyes – the first person in the world to completely, wholly, entirely finish Halo 3 (excluding Bungie/Microsoft staff members, of course). Of course, you must be left wondering as to why God made her the Chosen One. She an editor-in-chief of the Official Xbox Magazine. Well, all I can say is that, if I were given the opportunity she was, I’d be grinning like that too.

She’s going to write a massive 10-page review in OXM, since well, this is one of the most highly-awaited and godamnit, I can’t even begin to emphasize Halo 3’s importance! She has been bombarded with questions and the only thing she’s managed to say is that there is a very large variety of levels in Halo 3’s missions. She’s also revealed that:

  • Halo 3 won’t be “4 hours” long.
  • The campaign’s ending “isn’t Halo 2”.
  • It’s going to be a “very Halo” game.

Man, that’s certainly informative. Just wait for the 10-page review, folks.

[Via Games Radar]

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