Sony’s reputation sinks further. (Includes Wikipedia, Halo 3, Infinity Ward and bad English)

Halo 3

It appears that Sony is really in quite a ditch. If their lunatic antics aren’t enough for you, here’s some more. Reportedly, a Sony staff member has been caught editing a Wikipedia page. What’s so embarrasing? The page in question is the Halo 3 page.

A sorry staffer at Sony Liverpool is the origin of a hate comment against Microsoft’s great Halo 3. The comment in question says:

Although it wont look any better than Halo 2.

Talk about that. He didn’t even bother punctuating the ‘wont’. Pfft. Don’t look at me like that, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Sony’s English. Ask Grant Collier, one of the big guys at Infinity Ward, makers of the upcoming Call of Duty 4. In an interview, Grant says:

With Microsoft we’ve got the advantage of them being an American company so our level of accessibility to them is much better than Sony. I’m not disparaging Sony in any way, but it’s just that they [Microsoft] speak English, we speak English. I know ten or fifteen guys over there and I can just call up and find out what new special sauce is coming around… I would really like to have that level of relationship with Sony. We’re really pushing for that and it’s a personal goal of mine to get there but I think there’s very few companies that have that level of relationship with Sony. After we come out with CoD4 I hope that we’ll be one of them.

Poor Sony. I’m actually starting to feel sympathetic for a corporation. I wonder what they’ll do next!

[Via and Kotaku]

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