Major Update – Coming Tomorrow! The Pipeline

If you read this blog, you’ve noticed that I’ve talked a lot about The Pipeline update. Yes… it’s coming… Doesn’t this all sound familiar?

Tomorrow, August 30th 2007 the world will be able to use the new player design!

Here’s a list of all the new features:

SplashCast - Player 2.0

1. Video, Audio, or Text Comments – For any item in a show, YOU can now record or upload a video or audio comment as well as leave a text comment.

2. Easier item navigation – We know that we have tons of shows (around 50) and that each show has a ton of items for everyone to watch. Navigating through all of this content has been somewhat of a nightmare. With thumbnail navigation and the corresponding item title you won’t have to load each item to figure out what it is!

3. Captions – The captions box displays the Name of each item in your show. As always, the player fades away after a few seconds, but if you prefer, you can always close the caption box while navigating through the items if desired.

4. Full Screen button – View the player in full screen mode.

5. Pause/Play button – Pause actually pauses everything now… even background music. This is a great feature for everyone watching our slide shows.

6. Send button – Email friends and family a link directly to your favorite item or to an entire show.

SplashCast - Follow Me

7. Follow Me – You can now receive email updates to when a show has been updated. By clicking the Info button on bottom right you can access the new “follow me” link.

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  1. I hope that the comment system makes the SWL community jump out of their seats because it’s truly awesome! I had a test run of it and it literally builds off of what YouTube started and takes it to a place where no one else can go!

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