Crysis demo, Halo 3 coming out on the same date. We’re not buying you new pants.

Crysis Image

September 25th will be the date when Crysis’ single-player demo will shoot onto the Internet, right by Halo 3 which will make its way to stores. How do you handle the awesome orgasm of FPS action on that day? I suggest you get a work leave, wake up early and keep a level head.

Crysis’ system requirements are still shrouded in mystery, which might bring you some relief to know. Of course, it is known that Crysis will be boasting lots of awesome DirectX 10 effects, so if you’ve got an nVidia 8-series graphic card, you have a reason to happy. Regardless, if your computer cannot handle the demon that is Crysis, you can hug Microsoft’s Halo 3, or come meet me in my lonely corner.

Crysis’ demo will feature the complete first level of the game, and supposedly includes “a huge surprise from Crytek”. And that’s coming from creepy ol’ EA. Thankfully, they’ve given us a new video to ogle over the game’s special little Nanosuit. Man, Nanosuit or SPARTAN armour? I can’t pick one!

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