Die YouTube DIE!

Those are the thoughts of many YouTube users. YouTubers are going so balistic about ads being placed onto videos that Google has temporarily stopped showing video ads altogether! Great job guys! Apparently the research and development team at YouTube really thought this one out…

I don’t have any issue with ads being placed on my videos if I had control over what is being shown and that I can actually make money off of it. If I’m embedding the video onto my website, do I not deserve a cut of the money made off of the ad? My viewers are watching the video – not YouTubers!

YouTube Ad

If YouTube is to survive, it needs ads everywhere. I don’t even think Google is willing to lose billions of dollars on this site if it can’t pull its act together.

But YouTube fans are so dedicated that they have already built a way to avoid YouTube video ads entirely! This FireFox browser extension called TubeStop specifically eliminates ads from your viewing pleasure.

If YouTube can’t guarantee that sponsors receive viewership, why would they want to advertise on YouTube?

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