Operation Flashpoint 2 Teaser, ArmA 2’s official announcement! Military Simulations Galore!

ArmA 2 Preview

Now, if I were asked to name the most under-rated game I have ever played, it has to be Operation Flashpoint. That remarkable shooter had the capacity to blast the very foundations of FPS gameplay with its kickass GTA3-crossed-with-Battlefield 2 approach. Unfortunately, this gem from Bohemia Interactive never got big enough.

So while Codemasters went on to make a sequel to Operation Flashpoint, Bohemia took off on their own and decided to make ArmA. OF2 lingers in the air for years with only a handful of screenies sometimes, while ArmA was made, released and everything is cool. Since Bohemia wants to look even cooler, they’ve announced ArmA 2. But Codemasters isn’t far behind. They’ve proved that they are actually working on the game with the new teaser trailer they’ve made!

Hit the jump to find out all about what’s going on, as well as a bunch of screenies for ArmA 2.

ArmA 2

The game will be set in the year 2009, in a fictional post-soviet country called Chernarus. Call of Duty 4 is also being developed along similar lines, which makes you wonder wether post-Soviet games are going to be the successors to WWII games. You will be a member of a United States Marine Corps Force Recon squad sent to this country to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing stability there.

The game will offer massive environments to play around in. The game will, like before, take a cue from Operation Flashpoint in offering absolute freedom of movement. There will be extremely detailed versions of combat equipment and players will find themselves commanding tanks, choppers and what not. ArmA 2’s release lies somewhere in 2008, most likely. If that is true, then we have a whole lot of awesome games to play next year. ArmA 2 will be coming out for the PC and next-generation consoles.

It’s screenie-time!

ArmA 2 Image 1 ArmA 2 Image 2 ArmA 2 Image 3 ArmA 2 Image 4 ArmA 2 Image 5 ArmA 2 Image 6

Operation Flashpoint 2

Well, don’t get your hopes really up. Codemasters have announced that the game will take place on an oil-rich island off the Russian coast. China and Russia will be warring for ownership of the island, which leaves me gasping in shock at the exclusion of Uncle Sam. Operation Flashpoint sure does look fresh and stylish though, with its official title being renamed to Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising. Awesome, baby.

Release date unannounced, game releases in 2008 for PC and next-gen consoles, blah blah blah. Just check out the awesome new teaser trailer, for god’s sake.

2 thoughts on “Operation Flashpoint 2 Teaser, ArmA 2’s official announcement! Military Simulations Galore!”

  1. i was wondering when there’s gonna be a sequal to OPF, i’ve been playing that shit for 5 years and there’s nothing like it out there.

  2. wow, i just bought the first one not knoin theres a 2 already out… there goes a good 30 bucks 🙁

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