BioShock PC Demo is finally out!

BioShock Screenshot

How do you describe this week in one word? Easy. BIOSHOCK. This game has been breaking records, critics are selling their souls to this game, people are killing for it, it’s a bloody sensation. BioShock is easily one of the greatest games of our time, and it’s coming out tomorrow in America, and on assorted dates for the rest of the world.

Xbox 360 gamers have had a fun time with the Xbox 360 demo that came out a while ago, but it’s us poor PC gamers that have to suffer. But not anymore! Word has come from The Cult of Rapture that the demo will be out today, that is August 20! While I can’t seem to find a site with the thing yet (not even Fileplanet), somebody at The Pirate Bay has gotten it. I have no doubt that BioShock is all over the torrenting sites right now.

God, I wish I had a computer that could at least dress decently in front of this game.

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