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We’ve got an exclusive interview with the founder of, a forum where gamers can not only ask for strategy tips on games, but can ask for their games to be recorded and the video added onto

Who are you?
My name is Nick. And GameThinker was founded by me. I have a partner he’s the guy who helps manage the game recordings.

Why did you start GameThinker?
I love gaming, games are all around me. I thought GameThinker would help previous gamers help on Xbox 360, PS3, or the Wii. I use to always need help on a strategy game. We are here to help all the users who enter our forum. Our main feature is recording people’s games. We will record your gaming for FREE. We can record any game that’s online enabled on the Xbox 360 console!

What is GameThinker’s objective?
GameThinker hopes to reach out to the new technology of recording people’s games. We hope to be able to get enough attention from the public and have our videos all over

How fast can you create these game videos?
These game videos can be created very quickly, as long as you respond to us, we can record your game within 24 hours! We are also editing people’s videos to there likings. Adding music, text, etc.

You also have another project on your site called LifeHit. What is it?
LifeHit was a previous MMORPG I owned, but recently my server hard drive crashed and we lost everything on the server. We hope to bring it back up shortly.

What do you expect to get from GameThinker?
I expect to get the publics attention about this new technology we offer to our people.

What are your future plans with GameThinker?
My future plans with GameThinker is to become one of the top gaming forums out there. We hope to help everyone on their gaming needs.

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