Holy Diver suits Batman! It’s the Bioshock Demo!


The summer is generally a boring time for gamers. We get one, maybe two good games that’ll last a week if we’re lucky. It’s not until the end of summer, nearly the start of fall that the good games start to come out. Coming next week we’re getting one of those great games… at least us 360 and PC gamers. Bioshock, the Sandbox First Person Shooter from the people that brought us Freedom Force, System Shock 2 and Swat 4, is being released on the 21st. The game takes place in a once Utopian underwater city in the 1960s, where now super powered druggies, little girls, and giant monsters in old fashion divers suits are out to kill you.

It all looks very awesome, and with many great features, but it’s more than a week away. WE CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG! Well now we won’t have to. Today Irrational Games (or now formally known as 2K Boston and 2K Australia) released a demo to this game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. How much of the game can you play? What abilities do you get? Are you going to crap your pants after a Big Daddy starts chasing after you? I don’t know, the game literally crashed all of Xbox Live, and the downloading is a bit slow. I’ll get more to you when I can, but try to download the demo ASAP, because it’s slower than… well something really slow.

[Via: Major Nelson]

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