A glimpse into Far Cry 2!

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We brought you news of Far Cry 2’s announcement some 11 days ago. And in a most predictable manner, we have some more news of the same. Luckily, it’s more useful news that actually says something other than “Brace yourselves. Greatest game yada yada awesome graphics yada yada”

Far Cry 2 will be free from any special alien, magical, mutant or Force powers and you won’t be seeing any nanosuits in it. Jack Carver won’t be in it either. And no Tropical islands. No Trigens.

This begs the question, what is there in Far Cry 2? I’ll tell you what is. African Savannahs. Hungry animals. Angry people. The story will involve charging the protagonist for killing an arms dealer who supplied arms to two sides of a conflict in a failed state. The player will then be involved in many more plots, missions and conflicts. The whole concept of the game will be to shape itself around the player. So the story essentially builds on the player’s actions. Now where have I heard that before?

Far Cry 2’s producer Louis-Pierre Pharand reveals:

The game takes place in two fully open worlds that are five kilometres on a side, with the second world ‘unlocking’ roughly one-third of the way through the game. This gives a playable area of 50 square kilometres, through which the player is allowed to freely travel at any time.

Sounds real sweet to my ears.

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