Two Xbox Live Games That I WANT to Play


You know every now and then there’s an Xbox Live Arcade game that I actually want to play. The games that I want to play today are Marathon and Wing Commander Arena. Of course I still can’t play these games because I have yet to even receive the box to ship my Xbox 360 back to Microsoft for repairs!

But if I were you I’d download these two games right away – demos at first and purchase later if they are any good!

For those of you that know the history of games, you should know that Marathon is Bungie’s first game. Bungie is the studio that brought us Halo, you know that game right? Wing Commander is an amazing series that I loved dearly so everyone should play it. The issue with this new Xbox Live Arcade game is that EA changed the gameplay formula to a third person 2D space shooter gameplay in a 3D world so it might suck. Plus with no Full Motion Video scenes including Mark Hamill I’m already disappointed.

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