Sum 41 vocalist almost got deported for “threatening the President”

Sum 41

The subject is Deryck Whibley, the lead vocalist in the Canadian pop/punk band Sum 41. In a single from his newest album, Whibley sings ill of ‘ol President of the States. Looks like not everyone took that in the right spirit. An anonymous writer actually tried to get Whibley deported back to Canada, on charges of being a potential assassin. That’s right, folks. A punk singer being a potential assassin.

In Deryck’s own words:

He went to the House minority leader in the States, who tried to have me deported, trying to say I’m threatening the president.

The song in question, “And now the president’s dead/Because I blew off his head/No more neck to be red/Guess to heaven he fled.”

I’d complain about the quality of lyrics rather than the very loosely implied message, but that’s just me. Can you see the work of the “potential assassin” up there? He writes songs.

The song is included in Sum 41’s latest album, Underclass Hero, which was released yesterday.

[Via MSN Canada]

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