Nintendo Wi-Fi Issues Solved

Well that’s what OneClick claims to have fixed…

Up until now, we’ve had to go through the trouble of finding different ways to communicate with our friends to trade friendcodes and play online. But now all of that has changed, thanks to the newest WFC website, “OneClick Wi-Fi.” Featuring over 65 different Wi-Fi compatible games, it offers one of the biggest game selections to connect with friends on the internet. In addition, the “Play Now” feature that allows you connect to friends and other members live, without the hassle of setting up game appointments via messaging.

After a short registration process, you can enter your different codes into your account; these can easily be accessible by your friends via viewing your profile. Afterwards, you can enter yourself in the different game rooms for Play Now, then simply click on the game you wish to play to view all other members wanting to play the same game. Just one click is all it takes with OneClick WiFi.

Not only does OneClick Wi-Fi provide a fast way to connect with friends and others to play games, but it contains a distinct community aspect as well. The site offers a custom-built forum with a sleek layout, which allows users to build their own groups with individual forums, so you and your friends can have your own private area. The forums were built to provide the best possible experience for the users.

Aside from “OneClick” communication and user-friendly interface, the News section gives daily updates concerning both that of the site and of different Nintendo news. News is also placed into different categories so you can easily browse through whatever specific news you’d like to read about. Once logged into your account you can customize news to display only articles that you want to see. It’s a great place to find out anything big going on with Nintendo.

If you thought there couldn’t be any more to a single website, you’re wrong. There are multiple utilities and tools that go even deeper into the user interface, customizable calendar events to mark important days, a “challenge” feature that lets you challenge other members in different games at specific times, and SO much more. And if you require help, OneClick Wi-Fi has a documentation that covers “How-To’s” on the site. If the documents don’t help you, OneClick provides 24 hour assistance from it’s moderators and administrators. OneClick Wi-Fi is definitely one of the best places to hook up with friends, chat in forums, and have fun.

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