Your kids will now know the power of the Dark Side with Lord Vader himself

Darth Vader Laptop for the kiddies

This is why you shouldn’t hand the product design over to Star Wars geeks. The horrific contraption above is a laptop for kids, in the shape of Darth Vader’s infamous helmet. Your kids will be able to play a selection of 50 different games with it, by using the handy lightsaber-shaped pointer attached to it. ‘Themed marketing’ indeed.

Here are its (rather scary) features, straight from the product page:

Darth Vader laptop is the ultimate learning toy for your children. Enter Sith’s realm and let Darth Vader challenge young children’s skills in mind-blowing games in logic, music, and other breathtaking activities.

“Breathtaking”? With Lord Vader? I have a bad feeling about this. It comes with other silly features like a headphone jack and the lightsaber-thingie actually makes a sound as it is waved around.

As cool as it looks to a Star Wars Geek like myself, I’m not quite sure if it is… well, okay to let my kid learn under a menacing Sith Lord who took up choking people and slicing hands as a hobby. I mean, Yoda or some Jedi could have been reasonable. But Lord Vader?!

[Via Gizmodo]

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