Star Wars: Force Unleashed’s Trailer, Site spark to life

Force Unleased

Star Wars: Force Unleashed is a godsend for a die-hard Star Wars fan like myself. Force Unleashed, set in the era between Episode III and Episode IV concentrates around a Dark Jedi who is a secret apprentice to Darth Vader, the big daddy. The game has caught public attention because of its ambitious goals and its eye-popping physics, which finally let you use the Force as you like it.

LucasArts released the game’s official site and unveiled the game’s trailer today. The site starts off with the trailer and then reveals several tidbits of info on the game. Some news I found interesting would be that the character roster includes a C3PO-esque protocol droid, PROXY and a hot Imperial spy and three Jedi. The list of Jedi includes Shaak Ti (who was supposed to be dead on Grievous’ ship. Then, she was supposed to be dead at the Jedi Temple. Now, she’s not dead at all!), a Clone Wars veteran, General Rahm Kota and finally, a fiery apprentice to Shaak Ti named Maris Brood.

Our protagonist will be traveling all over the galaxy, from Kashyyyk to Felucia, as well as the galactic junkyard Raxus Prime and a TIE Construction facility (seen in the trailer).

The trailer itself is a beauty. While I’d say the graphics are little off-mark, the trailer as a whole fails to disappoint. Starting off with a jaw-dropping Imperial Star Destroyer crashing into a planet, the trailer takes you through clips as our hero smashes, breaks, crashes, overwhelms, surprises, ravages and well, unleashes the Force. This is really one hell of a thing – to be able to use the Force as you like. This game is going to own.

The game’s trailer can be found at the game’s site or in HD at Gametrailers. May the Force be with you.

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