MS Press Conference Halo 3 rundown

Special Edition Halo 3 360 console

Microsoft teased all of us with a nice look at a live action Halo 3 trailer directed by Neill Blomkamp, the man who was originally set to direct the Halo movie. Men in UNSC armor, dozens of Warthogs, a huge fleet of Pelicans, Pistols, and soldiers setting out for a battle. It doesn’t signal at an official announcement for the Halo movie, but is bad ass none the less.

This was followed by a new announcement of a new Xbox 360 for the Halo 3 release. A green Xbox 360, with a Green Xbox 360 controller. No specific details on what makes it special beside the green color, but expect it to be released this September with the Halo 3 release. Shortly after that Peter Moore had to finish the fight for Halo 3 by setting us up with another Halo 3 trailer showing of a triad of Single Player action scenes.

So simply this, Halo 3 comes out September 25th, a special edition Halo 3 comes out the same day, and Neill Blomkamp shows that he would’ve been a good choice for the halo movie, and Peter Moore is a massive tool without a tattoo.

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