Call of Duty 4 E3 Trailer blows our socks off!

Awesome Screenie!

Last night, Gametrailers got their hands on a new Call of Duty 4 trailer and I eagerly clicked on the HD version. And the trailer blew me away. The entire trailer consists of actual gameplay (which isn’t actual gameplay, since I didn’t see a first-person perspective anywhere), but the realism is beyond bounds.

Call of Duty 4 retains the core style of the originals, while adding enough glitz and sleekness to make you slip. There will be choppers firing missiles, night-vision, “we need him alive!” missions, realistic physics and god, the graphics are bee-yuu-tii-full. They may not be Crysis, but they’re awesome enough to make me jump.

I was one of those people who wondered whether taking the CoD series out of WW2 was a good idea, but this one awesome trailer has booked my copy. Modern Warfare, here I come.

You can view the trailer in HD at Gametrailers (coming above), or in our very own Pipeline (below).

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