taken down, springs back up, a popular haven for buggers who prefer to download instead of buy music has been taken down by the Russian Government. The move came as a result of plenty of international pressure, and more importantly, it was a condition laid before Russia for WTO membership. Is this a sad day for pirates worldwide? It isn’t. Keep reading to know why.

Even though AllofMP3 has diappeared, an almost identical site has popped up under the name This new site claims to be completely legal and paying royalties to the Russian royalty collection agencies, like its predecessor AllofMP3. Plus, if you had an account with AllofMP3, you can seemingly use it with MP3Sparks as well. Talk about coincidence.

So this means that even though has been destroyed and the WTO’s condition met, the site hasn’t really disappeared. This poses the questions: Is the WTO going to force Russia to shut down MP3Sparks for the much-coveted entry? Is MP3Sparks really legal under Russia’s new AllofMP3-busting laws? Tune into the next episode to find out.

[Via ars technica]

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